Pure Queen

Pure Queen

Nice People Productions

Pure Queen, The tribute show to Queen & Freddie Mercury, Mark has been captivating audiences with his award winning and breath taking tribute act to Freddie Mercury and Queen.

With the untimely loss of the late great Freddie Mercury in 1991 there has always been a huge void to fill in popular music. So with endless studies of live shows Mark has recreated the very essence of Freddie`s stage charisma, making him the number one Freddie Mercury impersonator.

Mark is also one of a few tributes that presents a performance of Queen classics that will leave you gasping at his wonderful interpretation of the great man.

The production is flamboyant with a historical look at the legend that will endure and always remain timeless.

Now with the ultimate full live band 'Pure Queen' and featuring a sensational tribute to the legendary rock guitarist Brian May!


Fri 3rd Aug
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