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Counterfeit Beatles

Saturday 20th May
Counterfeit Beatles

Show summary

The Counterfeit Beatles have established themselves as one of the UK's most sought after international acts with two of the highest profile performances ever undertaken by any
Beatles tribute. Headlining the main stage at Japan's Fuji Rock Festival – with Coldplay - Elvis Costello. Steve Winwood - Primal Scream - Bjork- to an international crowd of 80 -000.

Also starred in the £300 -000 stage production Beatlemania at the Theatre Vergina Thessaloniki -
Mainland Greece - for Walt Disney's award winning directors Derrick Lasalla and Stavros Sideras – with full national television and radio coverage.

Liam Gallagher of Oasis – is a Counterfeit Beatle Fan

The Counterfeit Beatles performed for Oasis singer Liam Gallagher at his A-list celebrity Christmas party - he was so impressed Liam spent the whole time hanging out with the Counterfeits and talking Beatles - Beatles - Beatles like a true Beatles fan.

What the Media says:
''The Counterfeit Beatles spread thrills of enthusiasm with their on stage revival of the golden age of the Beatles - TV5 NATIONAL.

At the Theatre Vergina everyone will rock to the rhythm of Beatlemania! 'Fantastic!' was the one word used by the BBC World News to describe the show! And 'for 30 nights only - the hearts of the audience of the Theatre Vergina will beat to the rhythm of the greatest band of all time!' – BBC WORLD

The Japan Fuji Rock Festival boasts an artist line-up so diverse; it puts many US and European festivals to shame. For three days in July 2003 - surrounded by the verdant green mountains of Niigata Prefecture - the world's most innovative Beatles tribute band held court to an international crowd of more than 80 -000. The main stage featured appearances by the Counterfeit Beatles - Coldplay - Elvis Costello - Steve Winwood - Primal Scream - and Bjork. The Counterfeit Beatles appeared 5 times throughout the festival - opening on the red marquee stage to a crowd of 10 -000 and on the last day headlining the green stage with Elvis Costello and Steve Winwood - to a crowd of 80 -000. This is a dream come true and a massive reward for everyone in and associated with the band!

All the equipment used by the band is the exact replica of the original fab 4's gear down to the finest detail.


Sat 20th May