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Murder Mystery Night

Thursday 25th May
Murder Mystery Night

Show summary


In the Shangri-La Residential Home Martha died - even before the rest of the residents finished breakfast.

That was when the trouble really started. Jenny and Ray's main concern is filling the newly created vacancy - but why is Ray pointing a gun at Major Backhurst? What has Heather - the care assistant overheard? Has Cedric noticed something he shouldn't? Why is Aggie so annoyed with Victoria? And what will the Vicar learn about the deceased?

As a fund raiser for the Pavilion Theatre Restoration Charity we are staging a Murder Mystery Night.

So if you would like to come along and support a good cause and at the same time hone your detective skills then this is the night for you.

But don't believe all that people tell you !


Thu 25th May
7:30pm OFF SALE



Online booking not available, please telephone the box office.