Death By Paintbrush

Saturday 4th November
Death By Paintbrush

Show summary

It is the winter of 1923 and the provisions of the Late Lord Ernest Rothersfield's will - which includes a generous allowance for his two children and instructions for the disposal of the estate upon his wife's death - are only valid until the Christmas following her eightieth birthday.

With that event only weeks away - the family and close friends of the Dowager Lady Dorothy Rothersfield gather at the family house for pre-Christmas drinks - when she announces a change in the will which could leave both her children disinherited. By the following morning - the family gather for a portrait. Before Lady Dorothy arrives they decide that something needs to be done - but are any of the odd-ball family actually capable of planning - let alone carrying out a murder?

During the sitting an unexplained death occurs. The police are called and in attendance are the newly appointed Inspector Harry Moody - and local Police Constable Joe Sullen - who - despite their own peculiarities - are tasked with muddling their way through the odd family and find the culprit!


Sat 4th Nov


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