Jimmy Jones 2018

Saturday 4th August
Jimmy Jones 2018

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During 30 years of outrage - Jimmy Jones has become Britain's most successful live comedian. The master of comic timing plays around 275 sell out live shows every year.

Jimmy also has a vast cult following overseas - particularly in America - Canada - Australia and New Zealand where his albums - tapes and videos sell up to £100.00 each.

The late great BENNY HILL said to Jimmy after seeing his act - If you saw my hand moving under the table - it was the fact that I was jotting down your act - nothing else!

After many tours abroad including Las Vegas - Jimmy is still pulling them in at Theatres - Cabaret -Clubs and Holiday camps all over the country.

Throughout four decades Jimmy Jones has wowed audiences around the world with his very own brand of risque humour. His act is legend in an industry which knows him as an artiste who takes no prisoners.

Says Jimmy 'My stage act will always be of the same hard hitting nature. Many years of hard work have gone into it and it is what my fans expect.'


Sat 4th Aug


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