Elvis 2018

Friday 8th June
Elvis 2018

Show summary

Where does Lee Jackson differ from the many thousands of Elvis tributes around the world?

He is young - he has the looks - the eyes - he wears the clothes - he sings and plays
the guitar – stop here - Lee Jackson is… the Young Elvis you been looking for.

Lee Jackson - as Elvis Presley has something a lot of Elvis impersonators do not
have… the looks! Lee Jackson causes a stir wherever he goes in or out of
character and people just cannot believe the natural resemblance to the king
himself. Don’t be fooled by other Tribute acts using photo shopped images and in
some cases - artist impressions of themselves - Lee's pictures are 100% real!! most
clients say Lee looks even more like Elvis in real life than his pictures.

Add the looks to his speaking and singing voice and Lee Jackson is the ultimate
Elvis tribute act.

Lee had been used to record Elvis speaking audio books and voice overs - he has
even been used to play an acting role as Elvis Presley in a movie called Elvis
and the TV soap Heartbeat.


Fri 8th Jun


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