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Danny Boyle joins the Pavilion as Patron!

Wednesday 4th July 2018

Internationally renowned film director Danny Boyle has joined the Gorleston Pavilion Theatre as its latest patron after a recent visit to the building during filming.

The Pavilion was used both as a base and as a backdrop to his latest movie, due for release in Autumn 2019, which has seen Gorleston get a small taste of Hollywood over recent months.

He joins an impressive list of existing patrons and supporters of the Theatre, including Jimmy Tarbuck, Desmond Barrit, Helen McDermott and Helen Fraser.

Theatre director Stuart Malkovich recalls how a meeting to discuss use of the Pavilion during filming lead to Danny’s interest.

“Danny  came into the theatre to have a look around and discuss some of the additions they’d like to make to the outside of the building and we could see that the place totally captured his imagination.

He was particularly impressed with how unique the Pavilion is as a theatre and how different it is once you get inside. We took the opportunity to tell him about our ambitious restoration plans and took a punt to ask if he’d consider becoming a patron. He didn’t hesitate in saying yes;  we were absolutely thrilled!”

Restoration Project

The patronage kicks off an extensive 8-year restoration plan, which is to set to completely restore and refurbish the building to mark its 125th anniversary in 2026. Alex Youngs, trustee of the Pavilion’s charity explains what the project hopes to achieve and what Danny’s appointment means for the plans.

“We were so excited when Danny agreed to join our amazing list of patrons. It marks an incredibly important moment in the Theatre’s history.

To celebrate the building’s 125th anniversary we’re launching a brand new ‘125 Fund’ that we’re hoping will help us to raise enough money to deliver an extensive programme of refurbishment.

We want to protect and preserve the building for future generations to continue to enjoy as a Theatre because it’s such an important place to the community. Our plans include major structural work such as replacing the roof to keep it weather-tight and completely restoring the outside of the building, as well as plenty of improvements for our customers to enjoy such as new seating, modernised facilities and even opening up parts of the building previously inaccessible to the public.

Most importantly though we’re not going to spoil the character of the building, it’s what people love and it’s certainly something Danny Boyle fell in love with! His support simply strengthens our determination to see the plans through. We’re very excited!”

The Pavilion charity is working on a number of fundraising ideas and initiatives to raise the money needed to complete the project.

We’re still putting together our plans at the moment so we’re encouraging local residents and businesses to get involved with the fundraising effort in whatever way they can whilst we prepare applications for funding from various organisations across the UK.

The Pavilion is such a beautiful building and after such a successful and transformative 25 years with Stuart and Kevin at the helm we’re looking forward to celebrating their success and marking the building’s next 125 years with the restoration it deserves.



About the Charity

The Pavilion Theatre Restoration Ltd Charity (operating as Gorleston Pavilion Trust) exists for three primary purposes:

  1. The preservation, restoration and maintenance for the public benefit of the Pavilion Theatre and the advancement of the education of the public in the history and architecture of the building.
  2. To advance the education of the public in the arts, in particular but not exclusively the dramatic, musical and performing arts, through the provision of participatory workshops and by such other means as the trustees may determine.
  3. To promote the arts for the public benefit, in particular but not exclusively the dramatic, musical, and performing arts.