Yesterday Movie

Danny Boyle's 2019 'Yesterday' Movie turned Gorleston into a Hollywood movie set with the Pavilion in the middle of the action!

Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle were so taken with Gorleston they made sure that it featured front and centre in their latest feel-good movie, which saw stars Himesh Patel and Lily James hanging out for a few weeks during filming.

Familiar locations such as the Pier Hotel, the Ocean Room and the Pavilion all take a starring role in many scenes in the film and even hosted the world premiere of the film when it launched in 2019. 

Gorleston residents were only too happy to lend a hand when it was time to create a festival atmosphere on the golden sands of Gorleston beach, breaking the record for the largest number of extras in a film ever. 

Danny Boyle was also only too happy to add his name to the list of patrons of the Pavilion, calling the Edwardian theatre 'an amazing space' that should be celebrated.